What is your payment cycle?

We pay weekly every Wednesday with 9 days in arrears.  The payouts can be made by bank transfer to one of your accounts in any country you wish.

How much you are charging per trancation?

There are many factors that determine your merchant account fees. Some factors that help determine your merchant account fees include your industry type, processing history, and expected monthly turnover. See our rates and industries we support.

What is your minimum limit of releasing payout

By default, it is 2500 USD. You may change it to 1500 USD in Settings -> Payout details section of your account.

What is the maximum amount I can charge with Sevenpay?

There is a technical limitation of 500 USD per transaction, regardless of the currency, though we don't impose any other limitations atop that. 

Do I need to install something to my website?

Sevenpay can be implemented in two different ways. In the first way, the customer never leaves your website, he just enter his credit card details in the special form on the site and the merchant store it locally on his server and control all the steps of payment process. Our hosted payments page products are easily integrated into the web site. In the second case, the customer is redirected to special payment page outside the merchant online store. We provide detailed integration documentation so it will be very easy for you to install any of these options on your website.

What Payment Options Will I Be Able to Offer to My Customers?

Your clients will be able to purchase using Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

How does online terminal (MOTO) work?

MOTO (Online mail order/telephone order) is an online card payment authorization which allows the merchant to accept payments though mail and telephone orders. The customers contact the merchant through mail or phone and tell their credit card data. The merchant enters these details on a special payment page and payment is made. This service can provide the online business owner’s company with quick, easy and secure payment processing.

How much does it cost to use SevenPay?

We dont charge any sign up fee, monthly and setup fees.

What is maximum chargeback level?

Basicaly 1,5%-2.5% maximum. 

Do you accept both electronic and physical delivery merchants? 

Yes, in many cases our merchants will offer both electronic download and physical delivery of products or services from their sites.

What if I lost my password?

Enter your registered email and we’ll send instructions to get you back on your feet.
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