Fraud protection

Fraud Protection

When you're an e-commerce merchant, you make money processing card-not-present transactions through your online store. You need to feel confident that your customers are who they claim to be, and you need to fight back against credit card fraud and scams. As a payment processor, we offer a PCI compliant payment gateway with a top-notch risk management system to help protect your business. SevenPay provide a number of automated tools that, alongside your own manual fraud checks, help you combat fraud and reduce your fraud losses. 

The Risk Management service monitors each transaction and provides automated alerts indicating possible/probable fraudulent transactions.  This is one of the most effective ways of identifying potentially fraudulent transactions. The service is constantly updated and new checks automatically made available to all our merchants with the Risk Management service.

SevenPay also include MaxMind fraud prevention services for all merchants absolutely for free to help reduce the risk of fraudulent card use. MaxMind's Comprehensive Fraud Screening System Credit card scammers have become more sophisticated through the years, and so has MaxMind's fraud screening system. As an acclaimed industry leader of geolocation and online fraud prevention, it uses a comprehensive checklist that identifies the customer as the true cardholder and can easily spot trends and patterns in credit card fraud and scams. 

Key features of the Fraud detection service include:

Geographical IP address location checking
High risk IP address and email checking
Proxy detection
Device tracking
Bank Identification Number (BIN) to country matching
The MaxMind checking  Network
Prepaid and gift card identification
Post query analysis

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